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  • Liquid Knowledge applied to support Knowledge and Change Management Personnel in the optimization of Knowledge Transfer at all levels of personal, from senior management to entry level workers. Liquid Knowledge reframes collaboratively corporate cultural values and the information and knowledge transfer necessary and helpful to support such reframeing.

FORM: Books , personal presentations, and consultation.


  • Liquid Knowledge applied to education of entry level employee development (demographic focus: workers ages 16-19). Liquid Knowledge study reveals that young workers are "prisoners of the screens": the tv/VCR, the video game console, and the computer monitor, and their social contacts are fellow "prisoners", their peers. This initiative is designed to use the principles and techniques of Liquid Knowledge to free the entry level worker from the prison of the screens and to enable her/him to relate and perform with interpersonal excellence with the diversity of customers contemporary business serves. Form: book and personal presentations.

FORM: Books, personal presentations and consultation.








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