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Thank you for visiting Liquid Knowledge.

We value your privacy just as we value our own.

We find the rampant efforts at collection of personal information throughout the internet to be both a personal invasion of privacy, and a threat to security.   In addition, many of the various technologies currently used to gather individual data and track usage are the same technologies that increase vulnerability to viruses and other forms of malicious and unauthorized attacks or use of information.

While we recognize what might appear to be the desirability on the part of many online services to gather information and knowledge about site visitors, and, indeed it is the purpose of Liquid Knowledge to help companies and institutions better utilize their information and knowledge, we believe that in many cases the type and means of personal collection is counter productive to the needs of both the company and the site visitors.

The costs of gathering, storing, tracking, and effectively utilizing personal information is often unjustified in relationship to the benefits to both the company and the site visitors, and can often be accomplished by more effective means.  Imagine, if you will, having to register every time you walked into a store or having a badge placed on you that identifies who you are.

Accordingly, we have chosen at Liquid Knowledge not to gather personal information as a requirement of visiting this site.  Nor do we employee "cookies", "scripts", or other technologies designed to identify or track movement in any manner that can be attached to a specific individual, or to gather information without your knowledge.

In the course of our dealings we may be required to gather your personal or company information including name, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax number, credit information, and personal and company information relevant to our fulfillment or performance of the products or services we provide you.   Any information that we do receive from you in the course of  our dealings is held in strictest confidence and is not shared with any other individuals or companies. except as necessary in the fulfillment or performance of any services or products you may agree to receive from us.

We will use appropriate means to safeguard your information from unauthorized disclosures or misuse, however, we can not guarantee or assure you  that such information or misuse inconsistent with this Privacy Notice will not ever result.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy.



All of the materials contained within this herein website is the copyrighted property of Liquid Knowledge, Inc. or Harvey E. Harrison.  None of the said material may be copied, republished, reproduced, linked to, posted, transmitted, incorporated into other material, or in any other way or manner utilized or distributed to others except by written permission Harvey E. Harrison.

However, visitors to this site may, for the sole purpose of viewing the material contained herein, may download one copy of the material provided it is for their personal, non-commercial use only and to  a single computer and that all copyright and other proprietary notices are kept in intact.

By visiting this site you expressly agree that Liquid Knowledge, Inc.; Harvey E. Harrison; and any others involved in the preparation or presentation of the material contained herein shall not be held liable or responsible for any losses or damages of any and every type whatsoever incurred as a result of such use of the material or as a result, directly or indirectly, of visiting this site, or for any loss of any kind resulting from any viruses or defects, or use of the material.

No guarantee or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied is made as to the material contained herein is error-free or that it is suitable for any particular purpose or does not infringe on other material.

Liquid Knowledge, Inc.; and Harvey E. Harrison shall in no event be held liable for any losses of any kind resulting from visiting this site or using the material contained herein.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this Legal Information.








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